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Hilltop : Linlithgow Bridge

Housing : Self Build

Private Client

Completed 2018

A modest single storey extension to an attractive property in the crescent known as Hilltop in Linlithgow Bridge. The scheme design seeks to create open plan living space with kitchen and dining amenity included.

Large glazed sliding doors create connection to a new patio space which is level with the floor of the house. A glass corner window provides views out to the garden, whilst a strip of rooflights allows light to penetrate deep inside.

Materials are deliberately restrained, white render, timber cladding and alu-clad glazed screens to create a clean contemporary aesthetic.

Concept development diagrams

Concept development diagrams

Hilltop 3 2500 wide.jpg

‘Our home now has beautiful, light-filled, open plan space to entertain and welcome friends and family.’

Mr & Mrs Bain, Client

Design Stage Visualisations

Design Stage Visualisations

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