Councillors approve Mitchell Street Housing Development!


Following recommendation from Perth and Kinross Council Planning Authority we are excited to share that our residential development project at Mitchell Street, set within the Crieff Conservation Area has been approved at Planning Committee by Perth and Kinross Councillors.

The project involves development of 14 residential units comprising 4 detached homes and 10 generous 2 bedroom apartments. Located approximately 250m from Crieff town centre, the proposal has successfully tripled the density of the previously approved consent. Our scheme design recognises the potential that sustainable high density development within town centres offers best opportunity to support the continuing use of local high streets and businesses.

The scheme design puts placemaking at its heart and proposes that all buildings are pushed forward to the street edge. A shared surface is implemented where vehicles and people share the same space, adopting home-zone principles and with a view to pedestrian priority, reducing vehicle speeds and thereby offering potential for children to play and the street to become a place for people.

In parallel this creates a mews environment with car parking sensitively interspersed along the landscaped street. The street pattern learns from that of the surrounding conservation area where lanes and wynds are dominant and contribute much to the local area character.

The street edge is strongly defined by the building footprints and in parallel frames a view to the north of Crieff Parish Church, creating a distinctive local street scene. To the south a new pedestrian connection is formed via connection to an existing dead-end lane encouraging movement through the site, improving local area permeability, security and providing direct access on foot to the town centre

Both houses and apartments are designed with a consistent two storey scale and contemporary architectural character giving strength of identity to the development. The buildings incorporate timber framed glass screens, upper level bay window, slate cladding to lower level and smooth white render to the upper floors. These features and materials are regularly found in the local conservation area but in this instance are interpreted and applied in a contemporary architectural language.

We are moving into technical design development with a view to site start later this year and are excited to see the project advance towards construction. If you are considering a residential development project we would be delighted to hear from you. Get in touch by contacting us here.

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Andrew Taylor