Craigeuan and Introvert \ Extrovert: A tale of two Building Warrant approvals!


We were thrilled to learn this week that our projects, each for development of two new detached homes, have received their Building Warrant approvals and will move towards construction stage.


These are both tremendously exciting projects which propose new high quality homes, one within the local town and the other in the rural Scottish countryside.


Whilst the projects share much in their scope and aspiration the tale of their travel through their respective local authorities was very different. At Craigeuan we commenced work in September last year, submitted planning in December, approved in February, Warrant in May approved in August. Our hats off to Perth and Kinross Council for the efficient service. The Introvert \ Extrovert was submitted for Building Warrant to City of Edinburgh Council in October 2018 and approved in August 2019 via City of Edinburgh Council. This has been a consistent experience over the last 24 months with City of Edinburgh Council on a range of projects where Building Warrant applications have taken around 10-12 months to be purified and without real issue requiring resolve. A plea to the local authority that this can be resolved! Exciting times ahead with these projects moving towards construction stage!

Andrew Taylor