Loaninghill Road approved by West Lothian Council Planners!


We were pleased to learn that our proejct at Loaninghill Road, Uphall was approved by West Lothian Council Planning Department last week.

The project involves a comprehensive overhaul of the rear of the property, addition of a new single storey extension along with part garage conversion which overall constitutes fairly significant alterations to the existing dwelling.

The project was designed in this instance deliberately to comply with Homeowner Permitted Development rights and the application was subsequently granted within around 4 weeks.

Proof that with a little bit of careful and creative thought a lot can be achieved within the constraints of permitted development. As a result our team are already motoring towards building warrant application which will be lodged at the end of this week and should deliver a very short design timeframe for our clients.

If you are considering an aspirational project we would be delighted to hear from you.

Andrew Taylor