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The Kelvin Hall : Glasgow


Glasgow Life

Completed 2016 at Page \ Park Architects

The Kelvin Hall has occupied a prominent position at the centre of Glasgow’s cultural life since its construction in 1927, providing a venue for education, leisure and entertainment to the local population and playing a focal role in the social environment of the area.

While working at Page\Park Architects, Andrew Taylor was the Project Architect, for the £25m Phase 1 redevelopment of the facility, which was completed in 2016, coordinating and developing the requirements of the multi-headed client organisation which included Glasgow Life Sports , Glasgow Life Museums, the Hunterian Museum and Scottish Screen Archive.

The brief comprised a comprehensive refurbishment of the interior and construction three new extensions. A new entrance pavilion to provide accessibility, a link infill extension to the new fitness gym conceptualised as a bay window overlooking the River Kelvin and finally a new glazed penthouse office suite for the Hunterian staff. The internal redevelopment was designed to satisfy a series of requirements including 3 sports halls, a 1000sqm fitness gym, dance studios, museum storage archives for the Hunterian and Glasgow Museums along with educational, teaching and office facilities for each institution.

The existing building fabric was carefully conserved and repaired. The new extensions are informed by the existing architectural style - a contemporary play on the colonnaded frontage to Argyle Street which manifests itself in all three new elements both internally and externally. The warm copper coloured  cladding seeks to create a coherent tonal bridge between the old and new. Finally, the abundance of glazing in each pavilion helps to create an all important connection to the surrounding environment, communicating the continuous activity inside to the streetscape, and signifying the emergent motion now embodied by the diverse functionality of the newly invigorated Kelvin Hall once again a key player in local cultural life.

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