Introvert Extrovert : South Queensferry

Housing : Masterplanning

Private Client

Planning Approved

A development of two new homes which share a common architectural language yet are distinctly different in their approach to reflect their specific site context. The project has become affectionately known as Introvert Extrovert to reflect that architectural approach.

The extrovert is a two storey dwelling which is confident and outward looking, strengthening the existing street building line and consists of two gabled blocks that are arranged to define the entrance to the front and orientate living spaces south west to the rear to capture the sun.

Extrovert Ground Floor Layout

Extrovert Ground Floor Layout

Extrovert Upper Floor Layout

Extrovert Upper Floor Layout

Introvert Floor Layout

Introvert Floor Layout


The introvert is a smaller single storey home arranged to look inwards to a central courtyard. In parallel this serves to mitigate the effect of windows on adjoining properties which overlook our client’s site. This arrangement creates privacy in all areas of the home without compromising natural light or view.