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St Marys Church : Sanquhar

Housing : Conservation

Private Client

Our clients had purchased the derelict and disused Category ‘C’ Listed St Mary’s Church in Sanquhar with a desire to convert the building and allow it to find new use as a family home. The church was constructed in 1864, and was listed as Category C on 21st August 1984 by Historic Scotland. Our clients sought to create a generous new living space at ground floor, with the upper level and vestry providing sleeping and home-working accommodation. The building is to be upgraded to improve its thermal performance with new strategies for heating, lighting and energy conservation all introduced.

A tremendously exciting project which has potential to provide a new life to a building otherwise in danger. The architectural ambition is to develop the building to find a new use whilst retaining the essence and character of its ecclesiastical heritage. Key to our proposals is the sensitive insertion of new elements within the existing historic building fabric. A light yet touch approach has been employed, reusing existing structure and retaining the upper level gallery as a key architectural reminder of former use.

Externally, our approach adopts best practice conservation practice of like for like repair. Internally the pallet is simple and restrained, a polished concrete floor finish with new insulated dry linings form the lower space and warmth and acoustic absorption is integrated with timber linings to the former gallery balustrades.

We successfully achieved Planning, Listed Building Consent and Building Warrant for this project on behalf of our client working with David Narro Associates as Structural Engineers.

Proposed Plans

Proposed Plans

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